PG testing the super resistance again

PG is currently testing a massive resistance level.
A look at the weekly chart shows a massive ascending triangle. If that one breaks, put in some money and look back after a year


Buffet’s dividend stock picks

Warner Buffet’s largest holdings pay out quite some dividends. The list :

  • KO : Coca-Cola
  • WFC : Wells Fargo
  • AXP : American Express
  • PG : Procter and Gamble
  • KFT : Kraft Food
  • JNJ : Johnson & Johnson
  • USB : US Bancorp
  • WMT : Wal Mart stores
  • COP : Conoco Philips

More info here.

Looking at the charts, Kraft Food is my favorite, with a multiple top and an ascending triangle.A break of 32 resistance level, combined with some nice volume, and we have ourselves a winner.

Weekly chart :