XOM – critical juncture

A weekly view :
– At the horizontal support level
– At the uptrend support level
– Head and shoulders pattern

Wait for entries and see how it unfolds


XOM – waiting, waiting

A weekly chart of XOM.
A clear resistance line at the highs of 2011 and 2012, tested already numerous times without really breaking it. Get ready to hop on this ride if it moves up

Trading wisdom from Einstein

I am currently on a sunny relaxing weekend in Germany (Eifel region) The only moment I had to think about trading is by the quote, written on the wall in our hotel room :

“Du hast eine Sache erst
Dann richtig verstanden,
Wenn Du sie Deiner
Grossmutter erklaren kannst.

Albert Einstein”

Translated : you can only understand something yourself if you are able to explain it to your grandma.

Keep trading simple, with no too many indicators.

Enjoy the weekend !


Post number 200

200 posts : probably not a lot, but as I am full time employed, and do like running, being a father of 3 young kids (4, 8, 10) not that much time is left for blogging. It started as putting down all my thoughts in this blog, but starting a trading journal replaced some of the blogging. The analysis of charts however is useful to look back at and to learn from it.

I started in july 2009, but as 1 of the soo many trading blogs out there, I do not have the ambition to have a prominent place out there. If some of you like the analysis, the better. If not, let me know. Comment are very rare, so only occasional visitors (via my twitter links) come here and might use my analysis to add to their analysis. I do hope so.

So, if you want to see better, just post a comment.

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