S&P500 and dollar chart analysis

A zoom in on the SPY chart

  • SPY started weak on monday, dropping below the 20d MA
  • It regained strength on wednesday (close above 10dMA ) and thursday (close above 20d MA)
  • On friday, it fell below both the 10 and 20d MA
  • For may, we have a downtrend channel, offering support and resistance levels
  • Breaking the 20d MA and that resistance level is trigger to buy
Keep an eye on the relationship with the US Dollar.
A bearish dollar is good for the US stock market
The reason why I am focussing on the Dollar is that it appears to be the current leading indicator for the S&P 500.
The problems in Europe (fear of the Greece default) weakens the Euro
A look at the USD bullish chart :
  • It closed above the 50 dMA
  • breaking the 21.8 level will put higher pressure on the S&P 500

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