Twitter summary – week of 3-jan

  • Focus, patience, discipline : THE STOCK TRADER’S RIGHT TRIANGLE MIND-SET | $$
  • A Global Scare in Food Prices – BusinessWeek$$ $DBA
  • SPX Index Secular Markets (1900-2010): We’ve taken many longer term looks at the markets (See, for example, t… $$
  • Reading a lot on a bearish outlook for gold : 6 links in this bundle : $GLD $DZZ
  • I am currently reading Happiness Advantage. I’m convinced that it can improve your trading. $$
  • Apple the Sovereign: The Global Macro Monitor blog was started b an independent trader and economist and, i… $$
  • As in all stats, we’ll take the average and land on 2142 for S&P500 by 2017 ? $SPY
  • $ Reverse Split Possible For The United States Natural Gas ETF? (NYSE:UNG): The United States Natur… #mkt#etf #$
  • Popped Stops and History Repeating in $SPX (lessons) $STUDY #mkt $$
  • The Big Picture – How the World Has Changed from 2000 to 2010

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