AAPL product, profit, stock relation

I was looking at the daily stock chart of Apple, where I see :

  • we bounced from the 50d MA mid november and rallied to an all time high
  • We are in a tight channel moving around that all time high.
  • 300 is my stop loss level, but currently the trend is your friend

Speaking of Trends, I went looking for some historical data on Apple. Consider me as a D.I.Y analyst with little tim, but in search to grab the essence. Following analysis could be built much better with underlying data sets linked to each other, but I’ll leave that up to the pros. Nonetheless, I came to these simple facts :

– Via Google Trends, the results of the search on the words Ipod, Ipad, Iphone

The search on Ipod is quite stable. I am surprised that the search on Iphone is bigger than the search on Ipad. Probably most people just went buying an Ipad, even before looking at it via Google 🙂

A graph on the sales of the products for the last 3 years can be found here.

– Via ycharts, I made a graph on the net income of AAPL. This one speaks for itself

If we look at the stock chart for the last 6 years, this gives :

For me, the apple story follows the simple rule of 3 : new product thus more sales, thus more revenu, thus higher stock price.

What could possibly stop this success story ?




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