Microsoft strikes

“One million Kinect motion-sensing video-game controllers were sold in 10 days on the market, Microsoft says. Instead of three million, Microsoft now expects to sell five million of the Xbox 360 accessory by year’s end. Big game titles are also helping Kinect sales, but an analyst warned not to count out rival Nintendo’s Wii console.”

  • A breakthrough for Microsoft ?
  • The chart tells MSFT still has a lot to catch up in the Tech market (QQQQ, AAPL, GOOG)
  • Since october we can see higher highs and higher lows
  • In the beginning of November broke out and regained the level of the flash crash in May
  • Now it’s testing the 50d MA
  • Will the good news send the stock u for a new higher high ? Possibly, but do wait confirmation of the bounce on the 50d MA


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