Internet growth

Pretty impressive figures :

My highlitghts :

  • There were only 361 million Internet users in 2000, in the entire world. For perspective, that’s barely two-thirds of the size of Facebook today.
  • China is the biggest country on the internet, USA is second. Both have more than 100 million users on the internet.
  • China has more Internet users in 2010 than the entire Internet did in 2000. The country has actually grown with more Internet users than the entire Internet had in 2000.
  • From 2000 to 2010, the BRIC countries are top gainers in relative growth
  • There’s another interesting segment, countries that have managed to grow their numbers with tens of thousands of percent. These are countries that had a very weak Internet presence ten years ago, but have now managed to gain much wider access to the Internet. African countries are growing with +10.000%. Is Africa the next BRIC ?

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