Google changing social networks ?

As you all will have noticed, google launched BUZZ. Despite the buzz around privacy issues (which google surely will tackle), I read a nice post on how Buzz would change the social networking :

The power of Google Buzz on a GPS-enabled cell phone is abstract, and it must be experienced to fully understand it. But until you do, let me tell you eight things you can do with Google Buzz on a compatible iPhone or Android device that can change your life:

  1. Promote your business
  2. Share your ‘business card’ at industry events
  3. Find a lost pet
  4. Leave a note for future Buzz users in the same location
  5. Talk to your neighbors
  6. Read and write restaurant reviews
  7. Talk to other people at a concert or other public event
  8. Get help

Read details in the article.

Interesting evolution, and I really am curious of it is a “life changer” I never really believed in this nearby services, as I first have a purpose (and look things up before I leave) and then leave the house. But I have to admit that I am now an older generation (ouch) and that the current youngster probably will grow up with it.

So, a look at the charts :

  • There is a short term potential for a rise.
  • the 533 resistance seems to be holding

What about the long term ?

  • A double top, with a potential drop to 400
  • If Buzz is not a success, Google “misses” the social networking train, and their advertising (core) business could drop


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