iTablet under the christmas tree ?

Apple, a company with a lot of lovers, and haters. What if we try to look at it from a neutral point of view :


  • They have vision
  • They are innovative
  • Quality. Ok, now can discuss a lot, but leave to a general other topic together with discussing the good or the bad on Nike, BMW, Bang&Olufsen, Louis Vutton, …
  • One base development platform (MS has windows 7, windows mobile and Zune runs on a different CE platform)
  • Focus. They do not want everything (as e.g Microsoft), but if they do anything, they go for gold (not that it works all the time)


  • Market share. Christmas is comming up, competitors are closing the gap on Iphone as functionalities is concerned and throw in some low prices. However, still a long way to go.
  • Keep the one step in front of the competitors. (Luckily Google does not make hardware I would say)
  • Iphone sales in China are not that impressive

So, what do we need :  something new (as innovative as previously). Enough rumors about the iTablet.

This could be news that pushes the stock to new all-time highs, and even further. If the iTablet does not meet expectations, get out of AAPL (for a while). Very sensitive stock for bad news.



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